FROG - Natural Water Solutions for Your Pool

FROG - Natural Water Solutions for Your Pool

FROG - Natural Water Solutions for Your Pool

Pools are wonderful, but require maintenance to keep the water clear and sanitary.More and more people are trying to find solutions that help them get away from the harsh odor and feel of chemical laden pool water.

Using a mineral system – like the Frog Fresh Mineral Water option, helps reduce both maintenance and chemicals.With natural water solutions for your pool, you will notice clearer, softer water with fewer odors.You will also find it easier to maintain water pH balance when using minerals – like the Frog - chlorine system.

The minerals kill bacteria in 2 ways, but must be used in combination with either chlorine or bromine.You will use much less of either sanitizer (up to 50% less) and you will find the water pH is easier to keep balanced.For instance, the minimum EPA recommended level of chlorine for a swimming pool is 1.0 ppm.

When used in conjunction with mineral systems – like the Frog pool system – you only need 0.5 ppm chlorine for swimming pool water.

Using minerals for your pool will turn the pool water into mineral water. Since there are fewer chemicals, the water is easier on skin, bathing suits and pool equipment. Your skin will feel softer after bathing.

You will also spend less time on water maintenance since the mineral cartridges come pre-made and measured.Most cartridges will last you the whole summer or longer.You will spend money on the natural water mineral systems, but will save money on chlorine, shock and pH balancing chemicals.

Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular.However, salt water chlorinators, cells and generators are expensive and salt cells need frequent cleaning.Salt water systems convert the pool salt by electric means into chlorine.So the salt water pool is actually a chlorine pool.A mineral system is a good alternative to salt systems.

Frog Pool Products

One of the most popular natural water solutions go under the name brand Frog. The Frog Fresh Mineral Water systems help you keep your pool water cleaner, softer and use 50% less harsh chemicals.The cartridges are pre-measured, no-touch delivery systems so you don’t need to handle chemicals.The correct system will depend on the size of your pool.

Frog Mineral Water Pool Systems

For above ground pools up to 5,000 gallons, you would use the Flippin Frog.

For pools up to 10,00 gallons, order the Flippin Frog XL. The Flippin’ Frog XL creates fresh mineral water for up to six months. This can be used in above-ground or in-ground pools.

For pools up to 25,000 gallons, you have several options.The easiest is the Frog Mineral Purifier for Existing In-ground Pools.This unit works with your pool’s filtration system to kill bacteria and reduce chlorine use by up to 50%.If you have an in-line system, then you would use the inline Frog mineral purifier system (described below).

The Pool Frog inline mineral purifier systems are the top, hassle-free pool water care systems.You just need to insert the pre-measured mineral reservoir and chlorine pack into the cyclers.Pool Spa Outpost carries both the above-ground and in-ground cycler mineral purifiers that are intended for in-line use.

We also carry above-ground and in-ground mineral reservoirs and Frog test strips.We recommend you purchase the test strips so you can dial in the correct reduced amount of chlorine or bromine that you need with the Frog products.

We recommend natural water solutions for both pools and hot tubs. 

Pool Spa Outpost carries the Frog pool water systems at discounted prices.We also carry other mineral cartridges and enzymes. Orders over $95 ship for free.

Frog Pool Products for Above Ground and Inground Pools

12th Aug 2016 Pool Spa Outpost

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