ph Minus Pool Water Balancer 15 lbs

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ph Minus Pool Water Balancer 15 lbs

Swim N Spa pH Minus 47240280 is used to lower the pH in pool and spa water. The water should be maintained at a pH
of 7.2-7.8 and total alkalinity from 80-140 ppm. Test water frequently with suitable test kit to ensure
proper pH is maintained. This product is compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine and

Sodium Bisulfate..............................100%

This product should be used if pH is above 7.8.
1. Turn on air blower or filter system.
2. Premix 1 oz. of this product with water in plastic pail and add diluted product to pool or spa.
3. Retest water after 30 minutes.
4. Follow steps 1-3 until pH and total alkalinity are in the range of 7.2-7.8 and 80-140 ppm respectively.
NOTE: Do not add more than 1 oz. at a time. Always wait 30 minutes between doses and test water
before each addition of this product.

For Pools With High pH
Test the water with a test kit to determine the pH. If the pH is above 7.6, this product will decrease the
pH. In a plastic pail of pool water, pre-dissolve the required amount of product as listed below. Do
not add water to the product. Always add the product into the water. Simply pour the dissolved
product onto the surface of the water. Keep the filter running to ensure dispersion throughout the
pool and then test again 2 hours later. If the pH reading is still above 7.6, repeat the dosage until the
pH reaches the range of 7.4-7.6. If the pH is below 7.4, do not add this product. Do not apply near
metal fittings. Do not apply into the skimmer, through the pump or without the filter running.
For Pools With High Total Alkalinity
Ideal alkalinity range is 80-120 ppm for marcite, painted, tile or exposed aggregate pools; 120-140
ppm for vinyl pools; and 70-100 ppm for fiberglass pools. If alkalinity is high, predissolve the
required amount of product listed below in one spot at the deep end of the pool

NOTE: PH MINUS CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA! For California please select Spa Choice Decreaser.


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