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APG UO3 Del Ozonator 51002-002-101 UO3-AMP

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APG UO3 Del Ozonator 51002-002-101 replaces APG-U01 ozonator . Universal voltage 115v or 230v operation.

Replacement ozone generator for hot tubs by Del.  This energy efficient ozone generator works on both 120v and 230v systems and attaches with AMP cord (white 4 prong cord)

Ozone Sanitizer for Spas up to 1,000 Gallons
Extreme Compact Size: Only 2.6” × 3.3”, 0.6lbs
Universal 115/230V, 50/60Hz
Adjustable Ozone Output, 50mg/hr Standard
Solid State Electronics

Manufacturer Del Ozone
Ozonator Complete Complete Ozonator
Ozonator Model UO3
Ozonator Cord Type AMP
Ozonator Voltage 115v/230v

10 watt ozone generator is UL listed and comes complete with a 1 year factory warranty.  The connection is 1/4" barbed connector.

Does not include tubing or clamps.

Ozone generator must be mounted horizontally.  You can mount as high as possible in the equipment area of the spa. 

This ozone generator reduces the required dosage of chlorine or bromine needed to sanitize the spa water, but some sanitizer is still required. 


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